Art of Feng Shui through a Chinese Compass
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Art of Feng Shui through a Chinese Compass

The Chinese compass is one of the instruments used in practicing Feng Shui. This type of Chinese compass is also known as Lo-Pan, which means “container of the mysteries of the universe”. The Chinese compass or Lo Pan has bands of forty concentric rings that are located around the magnetic needle. The compass has a red square base. The color symbolizes a strong protective color in China.

In the past, the Chinese compass for Feng Shui was made of tiger bones and was hand-painted. Nowadays, however, the Chinese compass is made up of brass base plate and a magnetic spoon showing designs such as Ten Heavenly Stems, Twelve Earthly Branches, and the Four Divinatory Symbols. These designs indicate the 24 directions and positions and are attached to a beautiful rosewood platform. The use of Chinese compass for Feng Shui is basically to give information on the favorable and unfavorable parts of a location or a building.

Learning about the importance of compass in Feng Shui

1.In the past, Feng Shui practitioners used a decorative Chinese compass. The readings are very complex and have to be exact. These readings are usually connected to the direction of the main door of the house. The second major input is using the compass to be able to know the different locations of the corners of the house. The energy of the corner shall depend on its location. There are some corners that need special types of symbols to be placed there.

2. The Chinese compass is used to practice Formula Feng Shui. This kind of practice uses the five elements theory or Wuxing. Thus, there is always an ideal way for sitting and sleeping directions. For example, there are certain sitting directions that could activate wealth and success or the Cheng Chi direction or health direction, which is the TienYi and others. Formula Feng Shui tells the directions that particularly spell bad or good luck to a person.

3. The Chinese compass is also used to point the proper direction of the head when sleeping.  This means that you must select a good corner for your bedroom. If you want to be successful in business or career, then you must select a Sheng Chi bedroom. However, there are times when its not possible to have a Sheng Chi bedroom, then it is recommended instead to have a bedroom in the part of the building that has one of the four good directions. Still, if it’s not possible, then try to locate your bed in such a way that it’s pointing towards your best direction. This is believed to give you good energy while sleeping.

4. The Chinese compass is not only used for sitting and sleeping in the house, the principles behind the Feng Shui practice are also applicable to the workplace. Thus, the place that you sit in work, the direction that you are facing during business negotiations and making speech or presentations can spell a big difference between success and failure. This is also applicable to other activities such as eating, gambling or socializing with friends.

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